Monitoring, Dispatching and Service PVPP
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Off-grid system Large Hybrid 30 kW

8 324 800 CZK
Time delivery 14
Availability ČR, SR

Solution for larger applications - output power 30 kW
Boarding houses, hotels, hospitals, schools, small towns, and islands

  • 216x phtovoltaic module 230 Wp, semi-crystalline
  • 18x MPPT voltage regulator
  • 168x battery 2 V, 1000 Ah = 336 kWh
  • Main PVPP switchboard for indoor use
  • DC switchboards (stringboxes) with circuit breaker and power surge safeties
  • 6x voltage inverter, each one with 5,0 kW output, 230 V AC, 50Hz
  • Peak output of inverter 10,0 kW
  • Option of charger function activation
  • Mounting system (specified in project documentation)
  • Cables connecting PV modules and regulators (specified in project documentation)
  • Automatic connection or disconnection from power grid depending on battery charge status
  • Can be connected to a motor generator with automatic start-up to cover peak energy consumption or a time period without sunlight
  • Project documentation


  • Output power 230 V AC 50Hz sinus: 30 kW
  • Photovoltaic output: 49,680 kWp
  • System DC voltage: 48 V
8 324 800 CZK
Time delivery 14
Availability ČR, SR