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Solarmonitoring s.r.o. is progressive Czech company specializing in monitoring and diagnosing of photovoltaic power stations. We exist on the market since 2009, when we came up with revolutionary software solution, which increases the efficiency of renewable power sources operation. Since then, we cooperate with main electricity producers and distributors in Czech Republic, as well as with many banking institutions which participate in solar power stations construction. We are also actively engaged in new solar technologies development and we have rich contact base in academic sphere. Thanks to this progressive approach, we continuously maintain our high technological standards and we are able to bring new inspirational elements to our field. Competitors’ continual attempts to copy SOLARMON system are our proof.

Vision and goals

After successful establishing on Czech market and initial penetration of foreign markets, our company has a goal of continuing its current pursuits and started trends. We believe that only then we can continue in strengthening our position on domestic market and acquire new customers from European Union and non-European markets. At the same time we want to work on broadening our product portfolio and including variety of renewable energy sources. We will be glad if you help us fulfill these visions through your patronage.



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