Monitoring, Dispatching and Service PVPP
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This type of product is dedicated for power station owners without dispatch and technical setup of their own. Through this product, you will get continuous monitoring of your power station and the ability to quickly discover malfunctions. In case of anomaly detection Solarmon dispatch operator resolves the issue with your responsible technician. You have, of course, the option to electronically or telephonically request specific output data analysis within your pre-paid fee. obr.: Monitoring Standard

  • Monitoring 24/7
  • Dispatching 365/7/8-19
  • Email and phone support
  • Support for service team
  • Data analysis and feedback reports
  • Monthly and annual reports
  • Integrated Service Journal

Technical specification

Monitoring + Dispatching PV station
Annual license yes
Monthly report yes
Training yes Yearly report yes
Access to the web portal yes Service of Security system and comunikation with security central protection yes
Software support yes Inverters warranty claim yes
Software updates yes Production comparison with PV station of the same type yes
Email and phone support 8h/month*)
Connection to web portal yes
Dispatch monitoring yes Management no
Support for service team yes  
Other services (discounted tariff)
Servicing work on the power station 199€/day Cleaning the panels from snow 599€
Spring maintenance of PV plants (2days/MWp) 720€ Thermovision control and measurement of panels 880€
Revision of security systems 240€ Greenery maintenance 0,036€/m2
Revision HV, MV 320€ Satellite data of light exposure 112€
HV service of substation and cabling system 699€ Energy audit 1040€
Flesh test of solar modules on laboratory 104€/panel Power station optimization 3560€
Iluminiscencion testing 104€/panel Consultation servives 36€/h
Repair damages panels 28€/panel Legal advisory in photovoltaics 199€/h
Panels washing 599€ Transportation 0,32€/km