Monitoring, Dispatching and Service PVPP
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Monitoring of solar power plants

Basic product for photovoltaic power station ownors and investor, who manage their power station by themselves. Through the Solarmon system, it is possible to monitor all the compononts of your power station and detect their current state. Solarmon also allows you to acquire summary of active and reactive power, so you can optimize your operation and thereby your financial profit. obr.: Monitoring Standard

Product “Monitoring” doesn’t involve output data analysis, which can be ordered independently through confirmed electronic order.

  • Simple and well-arranged system
  • Localization of losses and efficiency drops
  • Definition of losses on individual parts of power station
  • Meteorological measurement (light exposure sensor, wind speed, panel temperature)
  • Regulation of P and Q power
  • Monitoring of inverters (central, decentral)
  • Monitoring of strings, electrometers and main switchboard
  • Well-arranged bank reports
  • Link with distribution system
  • E-mail and sms reports
  • Monitoring system for multiple power stations
  • Automatic updates
  • Onlino access to documentation

Technical specification

Monitoring PV plants
Annual license
yes Monthly report
Training yes Yearly report no
Access to the web portal
yes Service of Security system and comunikation with security central protection no
Software support
yes Inverters warranty claim
Software updates
yes Production comparison with PV station of the same type
Email and phone support
no Connection to web portal yes
Dispatch monitoring
no Management no
Support for service team no    
Other services
Servicing work on the power station 260€/day Cleaning the panels from snow 680€
Spring maintenance of PV plants (2days/MWp) 880€ Thermovision control and measurement of panels 999€
Revision of security systems 280€ Greenery maintenance 0,04€/m2
Revision HV, MV 399€ Satellite data of light exposure 120€
HV service of substation and cabling system 799€ Energy audit 1200€
Flesh test of solar modules on laboratory 120€/panel Power station optimization 3960€
Iluminiscencion testing 120€/panel Consultation servives 48€/h
Repair damages panels 32€/panel Legal advisory in photovoltaics 280€/h
Panels washing 680€ Transportation 0,4€/km

Technical specifications of monitoring

Communication with invertersMonitoring of devices
Max number of inverters 8 x 250 = 2000 String monitoring yes
Comunivation 8 x RS485 Switch if inverters yes
Max instalation power 50 MWp Monitoring of inverters yes
Max lengh max 1000 m Monitoring errorrs by median yes
Bluetooth no Monitoring errors by the best yes
Regulation of consumption yes Statement of inverters data yes

Characteristic of inverters U/I/P yes
Vizualization Data archivation yes
Web server yes Meteo data yes
Local PC yes Electrometer yes
USB yes Measuring of HV net yes
Internet yes Harmonious I a U yes
LED controle yes Performance Ratio yes
Panel controle keyboard/mouse Losses of powerplant yes
Indication on the device monitor Measuring of inverters efficincy yes

Reports by mail/sms yes
Interface Error reports of Comunication yes
Ethernet yes Power prediction yes
USB disk yes Calculation of degradation yes
Modem no Energy per Wp yes
IP rele yes Comparison of bank audit yes
Alarm contact yes Analisys of production yes
Regulation port yes Defination of type production yes