Monitoring, Dispatching and Servicing of PVPP
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is progressive Czech company specializing in monitoring and diagnosing of photovoltaic power stations.

We exist on the market since 2009, when we came up with revolutionary software solution, which increases the efficiency of renewable power sources operation. We are intensively colaborating with department of physics of University of life sciences Prague in order to further improve this software.

Today, our company offers complete service for photovoltaic power stations' maintenance and operation.

You may find servicing, dispatching, revisions and legal advisory relating to photovoltaics in our portfolio.

Contact us today and secure our services! Operate your power station effectively and without effort!


  • Regulation U / Q

    16. 4. 2021

    According to the requirements of the distribution company, we are newly installing U / Q control - reactive power regulation to constant voltage. Our system is compatible with power regulation P and power factor Q to a specific value. The controls can be combined and are clearly displayed in the SOLARMON system.

  • Reapir, renovation of a damaged module

    15. 4. 2021

    We are newly repairing existing damaged panels with a unique gel technology that mechanically and electrically seals the panel and thus extends the service life by 5 - 10 years. The technology is exceptional for its easy application on site. It is not necessary to remove the existing panel.