Monitoring, Dispatching and Service PVPP
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Complete portfolio necessary to ensure the efficient production, prediction and management of photovoltaic power plants at unbeatable prices!

  • Monitoring standard

    Basic product for photovoltaic power station owners and investors who manage their power station by themselves.

  • Dispatching FVE

    This type of product is intended for power station owners without dispatch and technical setup of their own.

  • Service BASIC

    This complex service is sutable for photovoltaic power station owners without their own dispatch and technical setup.

  • Service FULL

    Product expanding Service BASIC; it additionally includes insurance, yearly production guarantee and many more services.


    These systems are used if there is no possibility of connection to the power grid.


    We perform post-warranty repairs of damaged or broken inverters. We store a wide variety of spare parts in a warehouse situated in Czech republic.