Monitoring, Dispatching and Service PVPP
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Service FULL

Service FULL is complex service for securing operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station. When purchased, power station monitoring, dispatch and service is fully transferred to Solarmonitoring Company, which fulfills them within strictly defined terms and conditions. Premium bundle of services is included within yearly fee and it is comprised of preventive spare parts reserve which minimizes servicing interval in case of malfunction, yearly thermo vision measurement and panel check, energy audit, green keeping and more. Key article of this bundle is guarantee of yearly power station production and insurance up to 800 000 EUR in case of low yearly production caused by technical difficulties. This insurance doesn’t include low production caused by weather conditions. obr.: Monitoring Standard

  • Guarantee of annual production
  • Insurance to 20 million
  • Stock replacements
  • Energy audit
  • Thermovision control and measurement of panels
  • Monitoring and dispatching 365/7/8-19
  • Guaranteed range
  • 2 servicing actions per month
  • Consultation servives
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Professional team of experts
  • Connection to academic ground

Technical specification

Servis FULL
Annual license yes Monthly report yes
Training yes Yearly report yes
Access to the web portal yes Service of Security system and comunikation with security central protection yes
Software support yes Inverters warranty claim yes
Software updates yes Production comparison with PV station of the same type yes
Email and phone support 12h/month *)
Connection to web portal yes
Dispatch monitoring yes Greenery maintenance yes
Revision of security systems yes Servicing work on the power station 2x/month
Thermovision control and measurement of panels yes Management yes
Repair damages panels yes Energy audit yes
HV service of substation and cabling system yes Spring maintenance of PV plants (2days/MWp) yes
Consultation servives yes Insurance and low annual production yes
Other services (discounted tariff)
Flesh test of solar modules on laboratory 79€
Legal advisory in photovoltaics 199€/h
Iluminiscencion testing 79€/panel Power station optimization 2999€
Panels washing 480€ Transportation 0,24€/km
Cleaning the panels from snow 480€